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The aftertaste is so bad you reach for another sip to try to cover it up, only to suffer the same fate again. I suppose if you guzzled the whole thing without taking a breath, you might pass out before the aftertaste got you.

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Ides West Coast advertisements, as we shall soon see. He aligned himself with the Nation Of Islam and its National Spokesman Dr. He had just released the album The Predator, with a"diggidy-style" mix of Street Conscious, and Cypress Hill like weed influenced G-Rap songs.

Actor Billy Dee Williams famous for the Lando Callrission character in Star Wars Trilogy, was the next generation of Black celebrities to be courted by the Malt Liquor industry. Williams represented the classy,aspirational element of the community that Colt45 tried to align their product to. were the most popular groups in Conscious Hip-Hop Movement, so it cemented Cube as more than just a West Coast gang banger MC; but also the union shielded him from much of the N. Khalid Muhammad (and later the New Black Panther Party). Muhammad's speeches feature on the controversial Cave B***h (Death Certificate album), and he even occasionally featured at Hip-Hop concerts & albums. The cover features Ice Cube smoking what appears to be a Weed pipe, Common Sense pointed out things he felt were Hypocratical.

Sizzurp replicates the Ghetto scourge of the South and Mid-West, where the drinking of Codine based Perscription Cough Medicine, regularly kills the people who become addicted to it."That Purple Punch"Dipset "The New Black Panthers" - Jim Jones Red Blue = Purple Codine based Grape flavored Cough Medicine the cheap "legal" high Rappers regularly product place luxury items, but what happens when Hip-Hop becomes nothing but a sales pitch???

I think this is the last of my alternative summer beverage columns, because I’m not sure I can take anymore. Ides was one of the original 40’s of Malt Liquor that I was aware of.

It is on the Mount Rushmore of 40’s alongside: Olde English 800, Colt 45 and Steel Reserve. Ides had commercials featuring an impressive line up of Rappers over time.

Wu Tang Clan I’m sure I can’t match that level of enthusiasm but I’m ready to give it a whirl.

Headline, short copy and language…tended to concentrate of the blue collar aspect, as well as the lower-middle to lower income levels accounting for 83% of the Black population."** found here As the companies saw an opening in the Market the messages and the target audience became less "Camo"-flaged, and the backlash against the "Hip-Hop-ified" marketing created strong condemnation within many spheres of the Black community."Phat Boy NOTE: There was a lot of controversy surrounding Phat Boy & it's target market (that being underage black kids) due to its label/name/colors, which is why it was eventually pushed off the market."*"The bottom of the label reads: "Respect yourself & the property of others. For every can and bottle purchased a portion of proceeds are put directly back into your community.Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Warren G, and later on Tupac, Wu-Tang, Redman and even Biggie Smalls. The West Coast artists really hit it big with the Corporate market. Many brands gained blatent Gambling, "Big Figures" and "Black" connectations, either colour wise or so-called "Ebonics" or "Hood" references: As the 90's progressed around, one of the most sinister trends in 40oz marketing arrived. Ides than all of the Rappers, came under a lot of peer pressure for his part in the promoting of Malt Liquor.Towards the mid to late 1980's in Ronald Reagan's yuppie society, the reality for the left behind young people growing up in the Crack infested Cities, gone were the older emotional Soul ballads and Smooth Buppie role models, the sound that shone was Hip-Hop music. & Rakim “I Know You Got Soul” parody "We Drink Old Gold" celebrating Olde English 800 in 1987, and Coqui 900 by Phillie Gangsta rapper Schoolly D, amongst others. The White Rock group The Red Hot Chilli Peppers guest in the video Wicked, while one of the tracks is an anti-interegration skit called "Integration". sell to the community, and at the same time he was selling the scourge of Malt Liquor.

Hip-Hop being a predominantly party based genre, many songs had already mentioned B-Boys favourite drinks, Eazy-E's 8 Ball, Mr. For the sake of "Keeping it real", Hip-Hop culture was a tight community, it was an underground movement, and to stop the "Whitewash" or Apartheid that had befallen Funk, when it watered down to Disco, any sign of a Corporate "Sell-out" could spell the end of an Artists career. Gangsta Rap was beginning its ascent, perhaps because in the West . reached out to Public Enemy and their Bomb Squad production team to produce much of his early solo releases. Common also calls him out on the confused meassage of Slanging or selling "Bean Pies", the vegetarian Whole food snacks that the N. The "repenting" he mentions on the October 16, is the Nation of Islam's Annual "International Day of Atonement and Reconciliation", the day the Million Man March was held.

The following excerpt, taken from, is from a post entitled “Kent and Newport Cigarettes Reaching the Black Community“:"This 1971, 6-page marketing document from Lorillard proposes marketing strategies to increase sales of Newport cigarettes to lower income African Americans.

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