Catholic dating a muslim man

22-Sep-2017 05:43

His imam is more than willing to marry us without my converting.

I have been told it would not be possible for a Catholic priest to marry us. It is most important to both of us and my family as well.

In this way, there can be no doubt in the community that the two people really are married, rather than just living together.

Before the marriage, then, people are told that it is to take place.

The couple are then truly married and any other religious celebration before or after this event, which expresses giving or renewing matrimonial consent, is forbidden.

This regulation is a strict one for Catholics and will apply in your case.

After the marriage, there is a lot of fuss to show that the couple is actually married.

finds you, the potential husband, to be an acceptable and suitable choice for the women, he will give his approval for the marriage to take place.

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The fundamental beliefs of Islam and Christianity may not be as similar to each other as you imply.Islam allows you to marry a Christian woman, but if the wedding ceremony causes you problems, how will you deal with other problems in the years to come?