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31-Dec-2017 23:08

Is there a simple way to sync my Entourage data with my i Phone?

If you are using Entourage 2004 or 2008, you can sync your contacts and calendar information to the i Phone using i Tunes, but you need to take the intermediary step of sending the data through the Mac's Address Book and i Cal programs.

Attempts to connect to i Disk are blocked and users are directed to their offline copy (below).

Apple made available a software update for Mail and the .

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After installing the update, Leopard Mail jumps from version 3.3 (below left) to “3.4 (928)” (below right).

Apple has previously migrated subscribers through scheduled maintenance periods or unplanned dotmac service outages in batches, so the fact that Mobile Me is working for some users and not others is no surprise.

If the Black Berry smartphone is connected to the Mac computer, use the Eject option before disconnecting the smartphone.

After Sync Services has been turned on in Microsoft Entourage, open the Black Berry Desktop Software and specify the synchronization settings.

In the Preferences box, go to the General Preferences panel and click Sync Services.

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