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11-Jul-2017 13:52

No wonder many of my crossdreamer and girlfag/guydyke friends do not want to call themselves transgender!If they feel at home in their own bodies and/or identify with their birth sex this definition will not describe their sense of self.

The recent discussion on what a girlfag is or isn't has made me realize that there is a lot of confusion about the meaning of the word "transgender", and the main reason for this uncertainty is found in the current version of the relevant Wikipedia article.I realized how unfulfilling these experiences were, lacking depth and caring, but it was frightening to pursue meaning in a culture that idolizes empty physical experience.I no longer wanted the physical divorced from emotional connection or commitment; I wanted depth, respect and understanding.A good friend over at the Facebook Girlfag/Guydyke Group drew my attention to this archive of girlfag life stories and thoughts: I Am a Gay Man Trapped In a Womans Body Here is one of the comments, just to give you an example (signed vampyperson): Ok so, im only 16.

But i always knew something was different about me. But this past summer ive started getting really involved with the LGBT community and all my LGBT friends say i care about gay rights more than they do. My best best best friend is a gay man, though im not attracted to him i have been attracted to some of the guys hes dated.Still, since the main parts is about gender identity, the text is not normally read this way.*) So what does transgender really mean?

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