Pink wink dating site reviews

12-Oct-2017 23:29

Insults are childish and have no place on this site.

I would also like to say that I'm a vindictive person by nature.

Many times, I never plan to come-back to my one-shots.

I'll admit that it has happened that several months later I get the inspiration to add on to a plotline (Living Life/Life Collapses, His, The WWSD), but I don't post one-shots thinking 'Oh this will be another great, unfinished story for me to leave dangling in front of my readers. Do you guys know just how held back I am, having ONLY 26 WIP's? I know because I just went through and counted them.

Considering that one of my favorite stories of all time on this site is only two chapters long, and I hope every day to see an update, I understand completely.

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fired for dating coworker

Honestly, I get that unfinished stories are annoying, there are several stories on site that I wish authors would just hurry up and finish.

That's not even counting the ideas I have in my head that I haven't yet posted, or the 12 I gave up on and put up for adoption.